SNAP Benefits / Healthcare Access

Substantive Changes to SNAP Benefits:

(1) Pursuant to FAMILIES FIRST ACT, there is now a waiver to allow maximum benefit for all households.
(2) Pursuant to FAMILIES FIRST ACT, the work requirement is suspended.
(3) Alabama has submitted a request for an additional benefit for those who no longer have school lunches available to them.
(4) ELIGIBILITY – Individual – $2,500/month; Individual (Elderly) – $3,500/month.

Healthcare Access and Options:

• The State COVID-19 Hotline has 24/7 up to date information on testing sites. Call 1-888-264-2256.

Medicare Updates:

• Co-pays suspended during state of emergency.
• Alabama has not opted for Federal Medicaid expansion, consequently, we have state eligibility income limits.
• Under COVID-19 people who have lost coverage due to job loss are now eligible for Medicaid. However, is possible that income from unemployment benefits could count against eligibility, although children may qualify if unemployment benefits fall below 146% of the Federal Poverty Level (or under 346% for ALL KIDS).
• Alabama Medicaid covers 2 months of post partum (may go beyond 2 months during emergency).
• CMS has not re-opened general special enrollment period.
• Rule: If you experience certain LIFE EVENTS such as loss of insurance you can apply and sign up. This is evaluated on a case by case basis.