Introducing the BEST wines Pro Hops Vino! has ever featured


Exceptional wines are always a major draw for Pro Hops Vino!, and this year’s selection is the best we’ve ever had. Look inside to see the lineup!
Also in this week’s eBrief: meet our dedicated student volunteers. “If passion to forward humanity was ever encapsulated into an organization,” says volunteer Adil Kenos, “VLB would be it.”
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Be a Pro Bono hero, and the cost of your Pro Hops Vino! ticket is ZERO!


For the first time ever, Volunteer Lawyers Birmingham is offering a way for our attorney volunteers to earn free tickets to Pro Hops Vino! Just sign up for three volunteer opportunities, and you’ll gain free admission to this sell0-out event. Read eBrief for details!

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Help us reach our $100,000 fundraising goal!


If you haven’t pledged yet as a sponsor for Pro Hops Vino!, the clock is ticking! We have only 37 days to get from $50,250 to $100,000. Find out the many benefits of sponsoring VLB’s biggest fundraising event of the year.

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When is the best time to sign on as a Pro Hops Vino! sponsor? Right now!


VLB is gearing up for our biggest fundraising party of the year, and it’s a sponsorship opportunity you don’t want to miss. Attorney Russ Allison shares the top reasons his firm, Carr Allison, generously sponsors Pro Hops Vino!.

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5 top reasons you’ll want to sponsor Pro Hops Vino!


Learn the top 5 reasons you’ll want to sponsor Pro Hops Vino! Also, find out how a VLB client experiencing homelessness is now able to turn a corner in her life thanks to help received at a VLB Help Desk.

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Pro Hops Vino! is coming—the premier legal party of the year!


Mark your calendars—we’ve set the date for our biggest fundraising event of the year! Get ready for unlimited wine, craft beers, spirits, and food tastings. Plus, find out how you can support VLB by signing on as a sponsor!

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VLB reaches out to Birmingham Housing Authority community


VLB’s Jonathan Moore spreads the word to the Birmingham Housing Authority about the pro bono legal services we provide. Also: Find out why attorney Walter Williams is dedicated to serving our vets.

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3 Myths About Pro Bono Work


Do you think you don’t have time for pro bono work, or you don’t have the right kind of experience? Find out how volunteering with VLP can be easier and more rewarding than you think.

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Civil Help Desk has new schedule starting Sept. 10!


Due to popular demand, we have changed our Civil Help Desk dates to Tuesday and Thursday mornings to avoid the Monday crunch. Also, meet the new VLB staff members!

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Are you leaving free CLEs on the table?


Attorneys working with VLB are eligible for one free CLE credit for every six hours volunteered—a win-win for volunteers and the pro bono clients they serve. Find out how to start earning free CLEs—or taking credit for the hours you’ve already served!

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